Promotion and Information of fine embroidery products

The Thread Gatherer

An amazing range of silk threads in beautiful colours that have been lovingly hand-dyed.

“Silk n’ Colors” (USA spelling) – A range of lovingly hand-dyed silk stranded threads in beautiful colours and with equally beautiful names

“Silken Pearl”  – A range of lovingly hand-dyed twisted silk threads in beautiful colours in two weights SP5 and SP10.

“Oriental Linens” are 2ply, 52% Silk 48% Linen hand-dyed threads.

Each ply is made up of one thread of silk and one of linen.
Silk and Linen take dye differently and the resulting combined colour difference runs the full length of the thread.
This variation of colour is in addition to those of the multi-coloured threads
Please Note: There are 23 metres per skein.

Silken Chenille – 100% silk. A beautiful ‘flat’ chenille thread

The chenille thread is flattish rather than round, hand dyed in a range of beautiful solids and multi-colors which makes it most suitable for surface embroidery techniques such as spider web roses, straight stitches on needlepoint or linen etc. Skeins are 20 yards (18m).
The thread is a soft one and may fret around the eye of the needle therefore it is suggested that shorter lengths are used when stitching.