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Weeks Dye Works

Hand-Dyed Stranded Cotton

Hand Overdyed 100% Egyptian cotton thread consisting of 6 strands and comes in 200 colours and shades

Weeks have recently started a new environmentally friendly dying process which ensures good colour matching and made colour fast.

Whilst most of the colours produced today are colourfast there are still some in the range that have not gone through the new process and are not guaranteed.

It is recommended that these threads be washed in cold water to prevent colour bleeding before using in the work.

This is especially important where it is felt that the finished article may at some part in its life be subject to laundering.

The threads that have been produced by the new method are indicated on the label that they are now colourfast.

Used commonly in Punch needle work, Cross stitch, Long stitch, Tapestry and Canvas work, Needlepoint and creative embroidery

Please Note: There are 4.5 metres x 6 strands per skein.