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Crystal Based Pearls

Crystal Pearls

Style 5810

These “pearls” have been created by Swarovski to emulate real and cultured pearls without the high cost.

The core of these beads consist of the top quality silica sand glass that Swarovski uses for all its crystal elements which is polished to a highly accurate finish and size.

They are finished with a superb, chip resistant, coating of nacre (the natural pearl look) and in keeping with the fashion industry they also have a colour and effects included in the core and/or finish.

The most popular is the style 5810 which is a round pearl with small through hole.

Below are the effects and finish types available in sizes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Classic Crystal Pearls

Style 5810

The “Classic” range not only covers the traditional natural pearl colours but also the more vibrant and antique colours and finishes that the modern fashion industry demands.

Gemstone Crystal Pearls

Style 5810

The “Gemstone” is created to emulate some of the popular gemstones in lovely smooth round finishes.

The example shown is made to represent Lapis Lazuli a beautiful deep blue stone.

The range also includes Jade, Ivory, Black and some of the natural Coral colours

Pastel Coloured Crystal Pearls

Style 5810

The “Pastel” look gives a soft delicate finish to the pearls.

In Pastel Blue, Green, Grey, Rose and Lemon.

Used when a more subdued effect is required for the finished article.

Neon Crystal Pearls

Style 5810

This “funky” neon colour range is created in vibrant green, iridescent yellow, hot pink , stunning red and sunburst orange.

Use when an impact on the fashion society is wanted.