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Petite Seed Beads – Size 15/0

Miyuki Petite Seed Beads or Rocailles – Size 15/0.

This is the smallest commercial size produced (approx. 1.5mm in diameter)

Comes in many of the colours and finishes of the size 11/o.

Perfect for fine detailed bead work especially faces in bead embroidery.

This method ensures all packets of each colour and finish are priced alike and they are marked with the weight per packet, allowing the customer to make their choices accordingly.

As there are approximately 250 beads per gram weight (possibly more but never less) an estimate of the number of packets needed for each colour can be readily made for a given project.

Of course there are bulk bags of size 15/0 seed beads available, mainly in 50gm lots but with 25gm bags supplied for the more expensive colours and finishes e.g. Palladium and 24kt Gold plated beads, if larger quantities are needed.